Junior Kindergarten at CA


In Jr. Kindergarten, we specialize in introducing the Kindergarten experience to children of Kindergarten age who would benefit from the extra “gift of time” to adapt and emphasize readiness skills. Jr. Kindergarten is open to all students who will celebrate their fourth birthday by August 15 and have successfully demonstrated emotional, social and academic readiness for the program. Jr. Kindergarten is a full-time program and students must be enrolled five days a week. The program is located at both our Lower School on the Columbia campus and our Spring Hill satellite campus.

Jr. Kindergarten is designed as a year-long halfway step between four-year-old preschool and Kindergarten, combining the structure and social skills associated with Kindergarten with the cognitive content that is between Pre-K and Kindergarten. The program will take a developmental approach with the academic standards, daily structure and resources seen in regular Kindergarten class, but at a slower pace. For a curriculum guide, CLICK HERE.

Students who complete a year of Jr. Kindergarten are then eligible to move on to Kindergarten the following year. Our Jr. Kindergarten is a special program where students can begin the exciting process of building a foundation for learning that will stay with them throughout their lifetime.

In addition to exploring all the objectives outlined in the regular Pre-K program, the Jr. Kindergarten class is introduced to a more formalized reading and math readiness program. Also, each week the children have classes with some of the specialists from our elementary division. These classes include instruction in Spanish, physical education and music. iPads are used to further enhance their academic skills as well as beginning their journey towards technological knowledge and experience.

During the early part of the day, the children meet together in a group setting. The balance of the morning is then spent working in smaller groups and learning centers. The use of manipulatives enhances their understanding of basic mathematical concepts, and an exciting phonics program that sets them on the road to reading.

Our Jr. Kindergarteners are a very busy group of children and will enthusiastically share with you that learning is fun!