Two-Year Olds

Cindy Pearce – 18-24 months class
Mary-Elizabeth Gibson – 2-year-old class
Malaika Ballard – 2-year-old class

Our two-year old program is designed to promote an atmosphere of development for our Terrific Twos. The program is full of creativity and designed to offer an outlet for all that energy packed into the life of a two-year old. Group time, arts, music, science, story time and a playground equipped with all the things a two-year old loves will give them the stimulation they need to develop and grow into a healthy and happy pre-schooler.

The teachers of our two-year olds are warm and caring, enabling each child to successfully transition into a daily routine that stimulates their independence while still giving them the nurturing attention they need. Separation from home into a preschool environment is a key factor during your child’s first few weeks of school. Our staff is well-trained in this area to make this transition as easy as possible for our new children with lots of one-on-one time and loads of TLC. Language development is part of everything that goes on in their daily routine as things and events are talked about, explained and explored. “Potty training” is incorporated into their daily routine with a relaxed attitude enabling each child the opportunity to progress at his/her own rate of development.

Our Terrific Twos are introduced to new skills and concepts as well as nursery rhymes through a variety of songs, finger plays and art projects giving them the foundation they need as they continue to the next stage of development.

Three-Year Olds

Becky England – 2 & 3-year-old class
Sena McGinna 3-year-old class
April Davis – 3-year-old class

Our three-year old program is designed to promote a period of development as children gain confidence in their social and cognitive skills. With an age-appropriate structured routine, they increase their knowledge of shapes, colors, letters, and numbers through art and crafts, songs, body movement, group time and learning centers. Language development is expanded with activities such as “Show and Share Day” in which they tell the class all about their special items brought from home.

Independence is fine tuned as they become more self reliant and are able to “do it themselves.” This is done through life skills such as cleaning up after an art project and taking care of their own things.

Social skills play a big part in our three-year old program as our caring and warm staff are always there to give that extra big hug in the morning. Developing problem solving skills are incorporated into daily routine as the three-year olds work on settling their differences, being a good friend and making decisions as to which learning center to visit next.

PLEASE NOTE: Children entering our three-year old program must be completely potty trained and able to handle bathroom needs on their own.

Four-Year Olds

Christi Parsons – 4-year-old class
Andrea Love – 3 & 4-year-old class

Through our four-year old program, children begin to fine tune the skills they will need when starting their elementary years. Daily use of computers, group time and learning centers focus on critical thinking skills, as well as the math and reading readiness skills necessary to ensure a successful start to the more academic years to come.

The Fabulous Fours reading readiness skills are enhanced through group time activities such as phonic based object searches, organized games and flannel board activities. Sorting, matching, classifying and patterning through the use of manipulatives gives our “Pre-K” kids the foundation they need to understand basic math concepts.

In addition to stimulating their imagination, art activities take on an important role in their development as our Fabulous Fours improve their fine motor skills. Social skills are expanded by cooperatively working in groups during center time and friendships are formed that can last a lifetime.

Through our Fabulous Fours program the children are learning about their own individual uniqueness as they build the foundation needed to guarantee their success in the elementary years to follow.