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At Columbia Academy: No forms, no hassle, no complicated process!
In the past, CA’s re-enrollment process was time-consuming and complicated. By introducing Continuous Enrollment we have streamlined and simplified the process for our families – making it easier to stay connected to our school and community.

  • Continuous Enrollment allows CA families to enroll their students until graduation (some exceptions apply).
  • On FEBRUARY 1st of each year, students are automatically re-enrolled for the next school year.
  • FEBRUARY 15th the $200 enrollment fee is auto-drafted through our online payment system, FACTS.


I would like to make an additional payment. Can I still do that in person?2024-01-05T16:02:48-06:00

All families are required to sign up for a FACTS account and select a payment plan. If you would like to make an extra payment, you may do so in person at the Business Office.

How do I know my personal information is secure?2024-01-05T16:01:46-06:00

The FACTS Management Company is used by over 7,000 schools. Your personal information, including payment information, is protected with the highest security standards in the industry.

What if I need to update information in my account?2024-01-05T16:01:19-06:00

You will be able to update any information on a continual, as needed basis through your account. Simply log in and edit it.

How do I access my FACTS Payment Plan account?2024-01-05T15:59:55-06:00

You can access your FACTS account and make payments at any time by logging into your ParentWeb account on FACTS.

What are my payment plan options? When will my payments be due?2024-01-05T15:59:16-06:00

Parents have the option to pay on the 5th, 15th, or last day of every month, with either a 10-month or 12-month plan. You may also select an annual or semi-annual plan. Your payments are processed through FACTS, our online payment system.

What if I need to update information on my student’s profile?2024-01-05T15:58:16-06:00

You will be able to update your student’s information (i.e. address, phone, email, emergency contacts and medical information) at any point throughout the year through your FACTS Parent Portal.

How will I be notified of changes (tuition, fees, handbook, etc.)?2024-01-05T15:57:41-06:00

At the beginning of each calendar year, communication will be sent to remind you of the upcoming February 1 deadline. Email communication will also inform you of changes in tuition and fees. Handbook changes will be made during the summer months and will be available to view through your Parent Portal.

What if I do not opt-out before the February 1 deadline?2024-01-05T15:56:47-06:00

The non-refundable $200 enrollment deposit will be automatically drafted from your account if you have not submitted the Intent to Withdraw before NOON on February 1.

Is there still an enrollment fee?2024-01-05T15:13:33-06:00

es. Each year, on February 15 the non-refundable enrollment deposit ($200) will be automatically drafted from your account via FACTS (our online payment system through FACTS). If your child will not be returning to CA the next school year, and you do not want the fee drafted from your account, you must submit the Intent to Withdraw prior to NOON on February 1.

What is Continuous Enrollment?2024-01-05T15:12:39-06:00

This process provides a simple way for your student(s) to stay enrolled as they seamlessly progress through grade levels without the hassle of annual re-enrollment.

During the initial enrollment process, all CA parents/guardians sign the continuous enrollment contract, keeping their student(s) enrolled at CA until graduation.

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