In a world where God’s truth is often ridiculed and rejected, it’s more important than ever that our children are equipped for Christian leadership and servanthood.

At Columbia Academy, we work to prepare students for academic and career success, but above all, we work to prepare them for eternity. Young men and women who possess knowledge, confidence and strength of character will become shining examples for Christ in their communities.

To incorporate these values into the everyday experience at CA, all subjects and activities rely on principles from God’s word at their foundation. Students are blessed to have Christian teachers and mentors who strive to build positive relationships and provide faith-building opportunities.

Every week, students at all grade levels enjoy opportunities for Bible study and praise.

• Chapel – Lower School / Spring Hill (Fridays) & Upper School (Daily)

• Circle of Friends Devotional – Lower School / Spring Hill (Mondays & Fridays)

• Daily Bible study from a nondenominational perspective

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Who are the Churches of Christ and How we teach the Bible at CA

Other opportunities for ministry are also available throughout the year, such as mission trips, food and clothing drives, and various community service projects. Students at the upper school level (grades 9-12) meet service hour requirements each year as part of their Bible grade.

Columbia Academy was established in 1979 by members of local churches of Christ. Although we maintain this affiliation, CA welcomes ALL students regardless of religious background. Currently, our students represent 18 different denominations and religious groups.

We believe that a Christian education is distinctive in that faith can be celebrated openly with dialogue, prayer and thanksgiving, no matter where a student chooses to worship. Our students benefit from this welcome environment every day in a very positive and uplifting way. No human creeds or doctrines are taught, only the simplicity of the inspired Word of God with a focus on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.