CA offers a variety of activities to cater to different interests and talents. CA has a strong athletic program where students have the opportunity to compete and develop their skills under the guidance of experienced coaches. CA emphasizes the importance of the arts and offers opportunities for students to explore their creative side.


CA provides a range of extracurricular activities to foster student leadership. These may include clubs focusing on academic interests, community service, leadership development, and more.


At Columbia Academy, we truly believe that experience is the best teacher. Every year, students have the opportunity to learn more through field trips and travel opportunities. From Paris, France to the James K. Polk home in downtown Columbia, students from Jr. K through the 12th grade take to the road to enhance their academic experience.


Multiple extracurricular, co-curricular and community service groups in Upper School such as Best Buddies, Science Club, Mock Trial Team, Robotics team, and more

Age-appropriate field trips at every grade level from local destinations to the annual Washington D.C. weeklong trip for 8th grade. Travel opportunities for Upper School students to Europe and New York City