Through the discipline areas of music, drama, band, and art, students at every grade level have an opportunity to participate in the fine arts. In classes and extracurricular offerings, students are able to find creative outlets and learn from experienced instructors and practitioners.


Dramatic arts at CA is a growing area in the fine arts curriculum which focuses on building confidence and creativity in various roles both onstage and behind the scenes. Upper School students will have the opportunity to participate in two to three annual productions including a musical in the spring. Lower School students can also participate in productions casting younger children.

Other fun opportunities include the Drama Dawgs, CA’s resident Drama club for Upper School students. Activities will include Improv Night, field trips to theatrical performances, and opportunities to contribute at many levels during CA theatrical productions.


Beginning in 5th Grade, CA students have the opportunity to learn wind and percussion instruments by participating in the band program.  Students will continue to refine and build on their fundamental skills through 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

High School Band for grades 9-12 allows students to participate in a variety of concerts and performances throughout the year and study high-quality musical repertoire. The extracurricular Marching Band performs at many home games and competitions.

The main purpose of the band program is to foster a life-long love of music through active participation while giving God the glory for the beautiful gift of music.


At the Lower School, Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten students integrate music and other learning skill stations. In the music station, children develop rhythm and pitch awareness through echo songs and games.

Each week, grades 1-6 enjoy one 45-minute music class where they learn devotional, patriotic and other traditional songs. Students are also introduced to musical instruments, practice coordination and movement to songs, and learn the parts of music and music theory at an age appropriate level. Each year, students prepare a performance for Grandparents Day in the fall. Private music lessons are also available for students after school.

In the Upper School and Lower School, students are able to participate in Chorus as an extracurricular activity. Chorus is also offered as a credit class in the Upper School. Opportunities are also available for participation in musical theater.


The visual arts are incorporated into the curriculum throughout a student’s experience at CA. In the Lower School grade levels (Jr. Kindergarten – 1st grade), students work with different mediums to foster creativity and create art projects in their classroom in addition to hands-on craft and art projects. Starting in the second grade through the sixth grade, students participate in weekly art classes with certified instructors who expose the students to different art mediums and projects, which include painting, drawing, ceramics, mosiacs, and papier-mâché, among others.

At the Upper School, students can take visual art classes including a Media Arts class. Art curriculum covers creative and critical thinking as problem solving techniques, visual literacy, fine and commercial arts in our society, art careers, and design elements and principles in application. Students also learn basic drawing exercises and media, art history survey, and introductory graphic design.