We assist students in developing their individual talents and potential by determining proper academic placement, teaching study skills, time management, personal development, and other life skills.  Promoting understanding and cooperation among students and their peers, students and their teachers and parents is of prime importance to school success.

The Advising Department is responsible for coordinating all standardized testing administered to their students.  We are also available for interpreting individual test scores for parents and teachers.  Guidance advisors may also assist classroom teachers in assessing a student’s learning style and in making recommendations for success.  For questions, please contact Mrs. Collette Estep (

  • Meet with your advisor to set up your 4-year plan.
  • Get involved! Find some activities you enjoy.
  • Begin finding your passion for service.  This is a good time to serve the community in different ways.  It is required for your Bible class and graduation.
  • Begin your resume.
  • Continue to build a strong academic profile.  Colleges will consider your transcript as they make admissions and scholarship decisions.
  • Seek leadership opportunities.  Service is an excellent way to find these.  Find 2 or 3 areas to concentrate your time.  It is often better to demonstrate commitment than to have a list of many random examples of involvement.
  • Take the ACT.  You will need to do this in order to take Dual Credit classes.
  • Research colleges and career interests.
  • Use the summer before your junior year to begin college visits.
  • Meet with your advisor to review your 4 year plan. Discuss Dual Credit Courses and career interests.
  • Concentrate on doing well in your classes.  Junior and Senior classes are often weighted more heavily by colleges during the admissions process.
  • Make a list of colleges you are considering.
  • Keep your resume updated.
  • Take the ACT again.  There are several options to prepare, including online practice and seminars.
  • Visit with College Representatives who visit Columbia Academy.
  • Attend local College Fairs.
  • Make college visits with your parents.
  • Meet with your advisor.  We encourage the parents to be part of this meeting. Bring the list of colleges you have researched.  Together we can narrow your options down.
  • Apply for TN Promise .  Even if you do not plan to take part in this program, it is a good idea to have it available. Applications are due at the first of November.
  • Apply to colleges.  Be aware of application deadlines for each school.
  • Request transcripts.
  • Apply for scholarships. Many deadlines are in November and December.
  • Do not forget to apply for housing!
  • Continue to meet with college representatives at Columbia Academy.
  • Use your College Day Visits to see campuses and meet with the admissions team.
  • Fill out the FAFSA.  You may now do that beginning in October.
  • Notify our office of colleges to which you are accepted and any scholarship offers you receive.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Collette Estep

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